Bringing the chic trick: IKEA BRIMNES leather handles

We have more than couple of pieces of IKEA furniture at home. After some years of looking at them, I have decided that now it’s the time for upgrading their look.

As it turned out, IKEA furniture hacks are quite easy to do. You don’t need a lot of time and at really low cost you can nicely customize the pieces which so far looked exactly the same like in the apartments of at least ten of your friends.

You can find a lot of tips online on how to change or reuse IKEA furniture (

My latest project was adding leather handles to the Brimnes 3 drawer chest in our bedroom. The total cost of it was in our case 0€ (we had all the materials at home). It took approximately 1 hour.

Below some pictures and more info on the project:)



brimnes chest remake, upgrading IKEA, IKEA hacksWhat do you need:

ikea hack, brimnes chest

I used 6 plastic anchors as well, it turned out you need them to secure the screws:

Ikea hack


1. Remove old handles from your Ikea Brimnes chest.

2. Using cutting knife, cut 3 leather stripes (I cut 3 x 22 cm of old leather belt) – if you cut on the floor, use something to protect the wood.

IKEA hacks 3. Install the anchors in the old screw holes


4. Make 2 holes in the ends of each leather piece.


5. Attach the leather pieces on each drawer door using screws.

_MG_1827_MG_1829_MG_1841and Voila! ready.