Bedroom uplift project

Finally I can share with you the first pictures of our bedroom uplift project. There is still couple of changes coming, but I would like to post the pictures I took today. It’s almost ready!!! Posting pictures of own styling is really exciting!

So what has been done so far:

  • DIY head board for our MALM Ikea bed (I will post separately step by step of this hack) / cost approx. 50 euros
  • Changing the place of the bed side lights
  • New dress rack (IKEA) in the corner (easy to guess which side of the bed is mine:) / cost of the rack less then 10 euros
  • Changed the place of the drawer (leather handles will be added soon:)
  • Finally I could hang on the wall graphics done by a friend of mine > Joanna Skrzypiec, who is one of the best poster designers in Poland!
  • Curtains on the window
  • I haven’t found the vintage, danish side tables yet, so cost of the project so far under 100 euros.

The color inspiration:

flora tones

via: design seeds

I feel that it’s much cozier now. At least I sleep better:)

Share with me if you have any other ideas what to change, add etc,

Have a great week!




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card by Muumuru

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