Small space – no problem!

I remember our first apartment in Helsinki: a bit over 30 sq. meters, with tiny bathroom and even smaller kitchen. The bed was in the middle of the living / dining room and we managed to fit all of out clothes in one PAX Ikea wardrobe. Seems impossible now, but I do cherish the memories from this place. It was cozy, it was adorable and it was ours:) We even managed to throw some memorable parties there:)

Some of my friends are already building their first dream houses. But others has just recently bought their first dream studios (congratulations Rosie with your first real estate in Stockholm, and Kaarina with super cute flat in the cool area of Kallio in Helsinki). This actually inspired me to check on how to maximize the space in less than 35 sq meters apartments so it would remain stylish and practical at the same time.

Note for keeping the theme of the blog: there is always demand for small apartments, especially in the city center. You can use the below ideas if you are renting or planning to sell yours small space.

Couple of ideas which I find helpful in maximizing the small space:

  • Move the furniture away from the walls. This one is pretty difficult to imagine, especially if you want to squeeze as much stuff as possible inside. So you push everything as close to the walls. And here is the secret: making your furniture floating, in the center, will make it not only looking more specious but also more stylish!
  • Be bright! Yes, the more light you will let in to your interior the better. Personally, I am a big fan of white a light grey walls. They are neutral (which works perfect with styling for sales or renting) but will also allow to add your accents and this way make the space reflecting your personality, not compromising the light . If you want to add more colors, think in advance about the final look: creating visual harmony will make the entire space feel neater and more pulled together.
  • Mirror mirror on the wall…The general idea: the bigger mirror, the better. It will add light and enlarge the space optically.
  • Divide the space areas. Create the mini rooms in your studio. You can use some simple ideas like semitransparent curtains, glass walls, shelves or just grouping the furniture in the areas.
  • Reach the ceiling – try to make the space look as high as possible! Easy trick is to hang the curtains just under the ceiling, using the light in a proper way, hanging wall art higher or using stripped wallpaper.
  • Multifunctional and hidden storage – here only one comment: CONVERTIBLE FURNITURE is priceless! if you only can, buy pieces that can have many purposes.

Below I am posting some of images, examples of visuals of my comments.

Let me know if you have any other tips on maximizing your interiors!



{ living room }


This would be great for a small apartment or just storage in general. #smallspace #condo


La maison d'Anna G.: Small space living - flexible storage and big mirrors...




small apartment decorating love the curtain separating the room


Having lived in NYC I have such an appreciation for small spaces and functional design. When you live in a studio you have to think of creative ways of splitting up your hanging out area and your sleeping area. Removable walls (cost about $300 to install) are a great idea for the long term, or drapes are good for the short term rentals.