Walls and floors – details that impress

A good friend of mine is building a beautiful house and she has been searching for tiles to the shower room and the kitchen. We have started talking about it before the summer and it was clear that the choice will be something different than just pure white walls. She already had some ideas but when we began the search for more options. It turned out  that there were so many collections to choose from, it almost gave me a headache. From morrocan patterns to retro designs, from simple squares to fan or dragon scale shapes – the selection seems just endless. One thing is clear: Scandinavian home does not have to be white and grey:)

So I would like to share some of the ideas on how to make the interior outstanding in stylish and interesting manner yet suitable to the style of minimalistic interiors.



It all started from this picture:

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Having one wall with the fan shaped, blue/beige shades tiles has been a dream of my friend. So the search started and we have found the tiles from the producer: Dekor Kafle Producer Studio http://www.handmadewalltiles.com/ . They specialize in making unique, hand-molded and hand glazed tiles and decors. Check the some of the beautiful colors and shapes!

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Handmade Tiles specializes in making unique, hand-molded and hand glazed tiles and decors

source of the pictures: http://www.handmadewalltiles.com

The price range for the decor is between 2€ – 4,40€ per tile (depending on the size). With orders bigger than 1 sq m, you can ask for discount!

Another place worth checking is: Azule.nl . “Azule cement tiles are all handmade and come in hundreds of different patterns and colours. Sizes differ but the 20x20x1,6cm collection is by far the biggest in the world.” Definitely worth checking!

In Helsinki one of the places to check is definitely store: Smyygi,. You can check in person the great collections of hand made in France tiles.

And here some inspirations:

Floor tiles via alvhem makleri

via: Pinterest

New from Swedish design firm Claesson Koivisto Rune: a collection of handmade encaustic cement tiles inspired by classical Arabic geometrical patterns.

via Cleasson Koivisto Rune

Love this morrocan tile


Lounge with a moroccan touch...    www.elramlahamra.nl ♥

via: El Ramla Hamra

Tile combination

via: Pinterest

Patchwork tiles - bang on trend. Bathroom by Abramson Teiger Architects

via: Houzz

bathroom- subway tiles, wooden cabinet and maybe retro floor

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Source: My Scandinavian Home  Perfect combination - the Acapulco Chair and patterned mosaic tiles. Ann Sacks do an amazing range of mosaics as do Made a Mano. Check them out!

via:The bower birds

Patchwork tiles! Patches for every part of your home Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios

via: Kika Reichert

The Minimalist x Kitchen looks

via: The Minimalist Home

my scandinavian home: Bold patterns and colours in a Malmö apartment

via: My Scandinavian Home