Judge the bookshelf by its’ covers

Keeping books in a stylish apartment can be tricky. Unless you have a separate library room, they are usually piled in your living room, bedroom or guest room. This doesn’t always go together with an idea of clean, well-organized space.

When we welcomed our daughter and changed office/guest room into nursery, we were left with quite a pile of books and dilemma where to store them, not to clutter the living roomJ

Well, living room has been the only option, so we decided to make the books valuable yet attractive accessory.

Since I am personally a fan of modest, bright Scandinavian interiors, I decided that the bookshelf (that plays a role of a TV stand) will be the only strongly colorful element of the room. I decided to organize the books by the color of the cover. This type of coding turns the white bookshelf into neat, clean and interesting furniture.


This is what we came up with.











First of all I love the colors. Choosing the palette smart will definitely influence the mood of the area. Secondly: changing the orientation of the books works as well.


Source: www.ciaonewportbeach.blogspot.fi


If the space allows, you can use additional decorations. Set up interesting vignettes by playing with the colors. This will create the unified display.When painted white, a built-in bookshelf becomes a natural backdrop for one of Sally Wheat’s vignettes | domino.com

source: www.domino.com

This picture I found on one of my favorites blogs: welovehomes.fi by Tuomas Mäkela and ANna Ritakallio-Mäkela.The picture (by Tuomas) represents their former loft flat. The colorful shelf works very well with white interiors!

Loft via Less Is More