All eyes on the chic coffee table!

One of the simplest ways to bring the chic to your living room (either for styling for sale or just for yourself) is to decorate your coffee table. Usually the coffee / sofa table it’s the focal point of your room, it brings the attention while entering  and it’s easier than you would think to bring it to the next level! All you need is collection of decoration accessories (books, candles or flowers etc.) – you can arrange objects into vignettes (groups of objects) and they will definitely create the cozy mood with a touch of luxury!

Below I am listing some tips on how to create a coffee table vignette:

  1. If you are styling your home for sale, don’t use any personal decorations. If possible invest in new, small accessories in neutral colors. You can find chip small décor details e.g in Ikea.
  2. The colors should support the palette you have in the room.
  3. Use odd numbers of accessories.
  4. Fresh flowers are always a good ideaJ
  5. Less is more 🙂 – don’t overdo it with the amount and type of objects.
  6. Use books as base for décor accessories.

This is my current vignette on our coffee table:




Good luck with your styling!




Ideas on accessories:




1. Wooden hand by HAY, 22,00 € ; 2. Eclectic candles by Tom Dixon, 65.00€,; 3.Bloomingville tray,, 20 €, “FASHION: 150 YEARS OF COUTURIERS, DESIGNERS, LABELS”,, 75,20 €


Here is very simple but useful formula on the ideal table vignette by Phoebe Howard from Southern Living.

coffee table styling

I found this great compilation of different coffee tables decors by Laurel Bern, who has an amazing blog:

Stacks of books, a vase of flowers and something unexpected like a glass ball make a lovely simple

I love this modest, Scandinavian style. Simple and effective!round coffee table from Hay, black white, pink | A SCANDINAVIAN HOME WITH FEMINE TOUCHES by the style files, via Flickr | image by Tina Fussell







coffee table trays - Manhattan Sectionsource: Pinterest

Tray is another great decor that will keep the elements of the vignette organized.crushculdesac: ❖ Rue Magazine ❖ Living Room Gallery ❖ source:


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